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    Hi guys, i've been using my camera to transfer images from the memory card to my computer but I'm wondering if it would be faster to use a specialized memory card reader instead? If yes which one would you recommend? My main card is Sandisk extreme 8Gb (30MB/s) btw

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    Get the Sandisk USB 2.0 reader. Don't trust the $10 sim lim "USB 2.0" readers, they're actually only USB 1.1

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    I shoot RAW and there were a few time I used up the whole 8GB card. Previously when I used my lousy $10++ card reader, it took me 40min to sometimes an hour plus to transfer all the photos to my PC.

    I got fed-up and invested in a $59 sandisk card reader, now it takes less then 10mins to transfer the whole of 8GB!!

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    Using the Sandisk USB 2.0 reader too, it will do the job well.. till USB3.0 become the new standard


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