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About your questioning on bouncing light, i normally observe a few basic principles:

1) Ceiling or bounce area must be white.
2) Determine the right direction you want most of the light to fall and if possible direct it by using a huge bounce surface (if you do not want the ceiling). I normally buy those A1 size white mounting board when I am not using my monoblocs and accessories.
3) I set my 580EX-2 to slave so that I can control the direction of the light. If necessary, i might sometime set up 2 to 3 580 EX-2 but all this depends on the situation and the setup of the dishes.

You will have to play around with your flashes to know them better so that you determine the kind of lighting output you want.

Hope the above helps...

Cheers, shoot more and enjoy photography and of course the food.
Does your white mounting board surf the same purpose of the reflector John mentioned? If the bounce surface is not totally white, expect washed or slight yellowish, will it cause the photos to turn out too warm or cool?

I have yet to invest on flash yet..will think abt it in future..^^ Jus got a big hole buying the camera and a new lens..But your advice helps alot - I understand more about how we can make use of flash & light bouncing now and yeah..I like to photograph tasty food and hope others can 'feel' the tastiness when they see my pictures..hehe