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Not a guru but just a macro shooter who is learning as well.

Learn from regulars who shoot at AP. Credits to them.

I used setup as with the following items:

1x DIY Aluminium bracket bar 7 inches long -- bend downwards 1 inch on two sides and drill with 3 holes. 2 holes at sides and one hole in center. standard tripod screw hole size.

2x normal flash -- one master connected using the cable to cam hot shoe and the 2nd flash setup in slave mode manual (trigger by 1st flash light source)

2x small ball head screwed into the 2 side holes of DIY bracket. To hold the 2 flashes. ball head allow adjust to any angle you want.

The DIY bracket center hole mount on camera and tripod plate. Cover the two flashes with diffuser material to diffuse lighting to subject.

that is it.
thanks bro... will ask you more this friday if no last min ARROW