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Thread: jOn ThE nOoB tHaT needs ur help....

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    Default jOn ThE nOoB tHaT needs ur help....

    hiya guys. hmm...have been shooting for quite sometime already. 3++ yrs le. started off nikon and pentax SLRs which i DID NOT own. hahahaz. soon i grew deeper and deeper and began to handle canon 3mp,4mp,5mp digital cams which i oso IRONICALLY, DID NOT OWN.

    it was only recently that i manage to get a fuji finepix f420 (IT show 2004) which i'm obsessed with. it has become a part of me wherever i go although it wasn't a high end camera. now thinking of it, i wanna own a DSLR...i wanna invest in 1 which hopefully i dun regret. thats why i need u guys' help. since i started photography, i was never into their specs. (shutter speed, ISO, exposure, lenses blah blah....) now that i wanna go deep into DSLR, i really need help in all these aspects and hope u guys can teach this noob a thing or 2. of course not just a thing or 2 lar, EVERYTHING LAR. hahahaz. and i'm hoping for some recommandations on the market's DSLR which i can start with and things like that lar. i've been to penisula and i saw got a number of shops with quite a number of SLR choices lor. but really confuse of the lenses and stuff...

    hope to hear from ALL FROM YOU REAL SOON!!! THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    jOn the nOoB

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    This kind of topic has been discussed over and over. Why don't you just do a search. The more "popular" recommended DSLRs are Canon or Nikon.

    For Canon, the 10D or the 300D
    For Nikon, the D100 or the new D70.

    It would help if you checked out the relevant sub-forums.


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