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Thread: Experience with a BAD seller

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    Reputation/Integrity here is worth about $20

    also do you know that Singapore is the most competitive nation in the world?
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    always the Light, .... always.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dslrguy View Post
    To Mr Siao Liao,

    I think you got misunderstanding. The len is still with me now even though that time we have made a deal. My intention was not to jack up the price but last minute decided to hold back. The brand new len is still in my possession.

    As a seller, i have every right to decide the call off of the deal since we are not signing contract. Last minute change as i found after spending so much money on this len and not using it while maintaining at mint condition is a bit waste of money as it was purchased only 3 to 4 months ago.

    So please do respect seller's point of view.
    Can't believe he can say this...

    TO mr DSLRguy,
    You do have a right to call off the deal, but then, you should have done it EARLIER.
    Not get the offer, decided on one, ARRANGE TO MEET. And then back off.

    You know the Buyer could have cancelled a multi-million dollar deal just to meet up with you?

    Why waste people's time when you haven't even decided to sell it?

    Hug the lens tonight, cry over it, kiss it abit, when enough's enough, post again bah.

    To TS: really sympathize with u.

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    Quote Originally Posted by night86mare View Post
    if you don't want to sell, don't sell.

    don't put your lens out on the market to float and test and then jerk people around, before withdrawing your bid, especially when people have agreed to deal, etc. understandably perhaps there was no real harm done because there was no time wasted on meetups , etc. still it is extremely frustrating on the buyer's end to feel like someone is jerking them around - first up the price nonstop, then not sell eventually.

    when you buy lenses you must be prepared to take capital losses. it is like buying a car. the moment you buy it, the value drops.

    you ask people to respect seller's point of view, in reply i will ask you to respect others as a thinking human being. there is a brain, he has to think. i do not see any problem in his reaction and judgement of how the situation is like. obviously you will paint it as "i have a right to not sell"..

    next time please propose to your girlfriend, and then a few days later tell her that you changed your mind to marry her because she is too fat, unless she loses 2 kg of weight. so she loses it, and then you tell her that you want her to lose 2 kg more.. and then after starving herself half to death, you tell her that you're not marrying her after all because you want to keep your bachelorhood. yes, it's your right to choose not to marry, but everyone has the right to judge that you are a numbskull in THAT scenario. the same applies here.
    Nice 1 Nightmare! I like the example that you gave! FTW

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    i dont see what's wrong with the seller. he is not cheating you, he is not selling you a bad product. it just he can't decide to let go or not.. but yes, he is wasting your time.

    i can compare this like "finding a job" . for example you are an experience guy and your expectation is $8k. but this company is offering you 7k and you agree. after some thought, you call up the company and ask for $7.5, and company agree. the then 1 hour later you call up the company and ask for $8, the company agree. after 3 hours you call up the company " hey, i ain't gonna sign the contract, let me consider, bye".

    anything wrong with it? absoultely not. is he wasting time? yes.

    bad or good, wrong or right, it depends on how individual define it.

    i wont be debating this. bye.
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    Isn't it frustration and waste of time is a fact of life?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SiaOLiaO View Post
    I hope I can use this space to rant about my frustration..

    Just encountered a bad seller and spoiled my mood.

    Had reserved a Sony 70-200G from him at the BnS section at an agreed price of 2.2k.

    But after a while, he told me if I am willing to jack up the price to 2.25k.

    I agree and later in the evening, he asked again whether 2.3K is ok with me as the lens is quite new.

    Annoyed but I thought, why not, maybe cut him some slack and I promptly agreed and he told him that it is a black and white sms to confirm that he will sell me at $2.3K.

    Arranged for lens viewing at his place this evening and smsed him to confirm, which he did.

    AND AGAIN after an hour, he told me this, "Bro. Can giv me 1 day to tink abt it first as i abit sad to let it go. Is it ok?"

    That was the last straw. I told him it's ok and that I'm withdrawing my offer.

    Frustrating.. AARGH..
    Bro, the reverse is also true for buyers.

    Relax, not worth to get upset.

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    Default Re: Experience with a BAD seller

    Quote Originally Posted by Canonised View Post
    Reputation/Integrity here is worth about $20
    'small people' style
    shaddap and just shoot .... up close

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    Quote Originally Posted by ed9119 View Post
    'small people' style

    Small people but big ego

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