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Thread: Cleaning Kit for DSLR.

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    Default Cleaning Kit for DSLR.

    Hi all,

    Recently bought a 550D. Would like to know how often do u guys use the cleaning kit? Where do u spray the solution? Sorry this is really new to me. No idea how to clean.

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    Default Re: Cleaning Kit for DSLR.

    My cleaning kit consists of my mouth, a blower, a MF cloth and a lens pen.

    I clean my lenses around once per month and perhaps more only when required i.e children touches front elements etc.

    About spraying the solution, i spray them onto the lens tissues provided before wiping. I would say heck it though, i usually cleaning by breathing onto the element and wiping with a MF cloth
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    Default Re: Cleaning Kit for DSLR.

    Hi there!
    I'll normally clean my lenses and filters if their dirty due to fingerprint marks by using the lens pen and micro fibre cloth. If there are any small particles of dust on it, i'll use the blower to blow off the dust.

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    Default Re: Cleaning Kit for DSLR.

    Hi thanks...

    I notice people seldom use the solution too. Shouldn't buy the solution.. should buy a lens pen instead. haha...

    So how much is a lens pen? any brand?


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    Default Re: Cleaning Kit for DSLR.

    Any good cleaning kit set to recommend? and where can I get one from?

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    Default Re: Cleaning Kit for DSLR.

    there's a demo video on how to clean ur lens ..

    i never use my solution before ... mostly use micro fiber cloth and lenspen ...
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    Default Re: Cleaning Kit for DSLR.

    So any i right to say that for holiday if i bring a micro fibre cloth, blower and lens pen would be enough?


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