i thou the ref made quite a few dubious calls..
the local lads deserve congratulations for their spirits.
can tell tt they were a bit overawed by the 'stars' in the 1st 15 mins, but they came back strongly in the 2nd half and gave a gd account of themselves.

i wld never believed tt a team tt has not been assured qualifications will take such a match lightly, the coach will kill them if they do. My guess for the lack of celebration for their 1st goal is b’cos of their level of confidence in clinching this tie
There were flashes of their brilliance…the neat one-touch approach play.
Defensively thou, they look a shade too naïve for a team of their calibre….their fullbacks seems better going up to join the attacks than back in defence.

The lack of acclimatization were obviously something working against them thou…