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    #1 FURBY!!!!

    Furbies where a rage back in 98. The grey coat on the right is a orginal 1998 and the one with the black coat on the left is a limited edition graduation furby 1999 . I never own one till i could actually afford one. Looking for that ProYo yoyo without success!!


    Revival of my childhood. I recall playing these as a kid back in the early 90s. I owned the Battle Submarine which i kinda spoilt it. Hence, recently seeing it sold on ebay promptly purchasing one. The Western Bar is hugely popular and I used to play this at my cousin’s place. The prices are insane on ebay but it belongs to a friend of my Aaron whom loan it to me for some rounds. Sure is a join to revival those carefree childhood days

    These days its so common to see children engrossing on their PSPs with headphones on. These little Casio’s has no Pause button and all comes with distinct catchy MIDI sound effect.

    Speaking of the start era of Video Games. Boy, i love Casio!!!

    #3 Love Song

    Wind it up Lovers kissing to the "Love Song" A simple gift from dad to mum, Japan 1978

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    wah memories.

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    yes yes! i remember the furbies (furby plus an s)!!

    toys of the 90s include the famous big brick game boy!!


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