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Thread: Japan or America ?

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    The States for the landscape. It really depends what you want to shot. But the landscape in the America is really different like those in Nevada.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2evans View Post
    Flying into the US with the ever tightning security measures makes me cringe...
    Except for the taking off shoes part in the states which japan immigration can make you do as well, they are the same. Filling in a form online won't kill you. I've been to the states and japan at least once a year since 07 and don't think any side is worse than the other.

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    TS at the end of the day you have to ask urself what do you mean by 'better for taking pictures', both countries are very diverse in terms of culture and landscape. Every city has it's own vibes and backcountry landscapes are widely different for each even within it's own boundaries since they're so vast! I'm pretty sure no matter which one you choose you'd have a good time there.

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