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    I would like to share my views on the benefits and contributions of casual photogs attending public events/catwalks. Instead of been unfriendly among the organisers, photogs, and the models, these parties shld instead try to create a win-win-win situation for everyone.
    Firstly, photography in any public events add glamour and make the events appear more exciting, especially with all kinds of big lens and flashes. It also has a sort of free publicity for the organisers and participants/models when images are been posted or printed and shown around. It also act as a historical record of that event, for eg, xxx fashion show at where, chingay, etc. It also provide exposure to the models, participants, etc. Unofficial photog also provide many candid moments which will be useful one fine day. Just look back at those old photos.

    As such, organisers shld take advantage instead of banning such unofficial photogs in public events. For instance, in a fashion show, a certain corner shld be allocated to such unofficial photogs and allow them to take pics. No other areas will then be allowed so that spectators will not be blocked or disturbed. Models shld be encouraged to pose for these photogs as well. In this way, everyone will have achieved a certain objective, As for the country, who knows one of these phtog will one day be a famous fashion photog because of such an opportunity existed. Also this will be good public relation for the organisers as well as the buldg owners.

    But if for any reason the organiser does not want such unauthorised photogy, then it is only fair and polite if they put a small notice in the event's advertisement such statement : "No photography allowed", or a big notice at the event location so that photogs will not waste their time and effort to go to the event and get frustated when they are not allowed to shoot.

    My wish is that such event organisers will take heed of my humble views.

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    thats a constructive suggestion...and i believe its similar to what we've been thinking of..but actually no one did anythign much about it...??


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