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Thread: Urgent!!! Need Help For Hot Pixels!!!

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    Default Re: Urgent!!! Need Help For Hot Pixels!!!

    Ahhh.... I know already.. Pic taken with the same camera body as the one in my profile pic.

    Yes, I saw the pixels. Those are dead pixels alright. I saw quite a few of them. At least your cam is still working. Mine is dead now. The only picture I get is a blank black one.

    Just note that the cam is not good with low light. But in good light, it has excellent colors and skin tones.
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    Default Re: Urgent!!! Need Help For Hot Pixels!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Maplelite View Post
    Hi daredevil123, can I not say the camera brand/model(there is a reason why and you could guess it right easily)?
    What do you think after you have saw the photo, acceptable in anyway?

    Hi Maplelite...I scrutinise your photo under the following ISO 13406-2 standard.

    Your camera is Fujifilm FinePix S2 Pro.
    Exposure time: 1 second
    Brightness: -3.16
    Saturation: High
    Compressed bits/pixel: 3.2
    Contrast: Normal


    (1) Sensor is dirty. Needs cleaning either by yourself if your have the experience or send it to service centre.
    (2) The dots you see is the result of overheated sensor. Your brightness should be set to normal. As it is running in negative, your sensor amplifier needs to bump up the current and hence your pixel got overheated and stuck. Try not to do too many 1 second or more exposure at this setting and you should be fine.
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    Default Re: Urgent!!! Need Help For Hot Pixels!!!

    Did anyone say hot pixels?
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    Default Re: Urgent!!! Need Help For Hot Pixels!!!

    Thank you all for your kind attention & suggestion

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