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Thread: timex collectors? =)

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    just wanna know who elso also likes timex triathlon/ironman series watches. kinda limited range they have i must say...paiseh but im a real sucker for their series ;-) ever since early 2003 when i made a radical decision to participate in triathlon (where swimming is necessary and that explains why i changed myself from a landbeast into a waterboy) so far i collected only 3 models hehe..then realised getting a bit too ex...right now pausing for a while. i still recall they have a sub-series named <ironkids> meant for children. come think of it..for the past 20 odd years i lived practically without a watch. never really wore "my own watch" to school and stuff like that...thusfar my timex watches suddenly gave me a new identity ;-)

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    i own 4 is a classic vintage ladies and another one is vintage men's watch - both Timex. The last two are the ironman black version and a silver one. Imagine my timex actually survived my dive trips underwater - namely Tioman, Red Sea, Bali, Great Barrier Reef, Thailand....!!!! Great watch


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