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    ok this is a new thread for the movie The Passion of The Christ

    Venue: Cineleisure

    Time and Date: TBC (most likely next week)

    This is open to all, those interested just put name down, tickets wise i will try to compile as the date draws near and i book the tickets.

    it is going to be a clubsnap event so no restrictions (perhapes uncle larry can teach me photography)

    trying to work things with my ticket guy so tentetive plan is free tickets yet.

    There is a musical that sat itself, so if interested in watching the musical then the movie then i can plan ba.

    so sorry for all the last min changes, hope the respond will still be good.

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    Put me down for the movie, bringing one more person as well.

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    Hi sky_dew, I'm a little confused by your 'plans' here.
    I thought you were trying to coordinate the request for tickets for the movie but now it seems you're trying to squeeze in a musical and a photography lesson too?
    One thing at a time perhaps?
    And without a date and time (even a tentative one helps), very hard to plan?

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    I'm interested, but need a more concrete plan like date and time. Else wait at cineleisure for a few days a bit siong.

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    Dear CS posters,

    firstly i am not Sky_dew, using his account to clear up some misunderstanding over here hope the Modulators will not mind. had spoken to him about using his account to clear up this mess.

    This Passion of The Christ movie was intended for members of City Harvest Church to invite friends or family members to let them know more about Christ and from the Church side, we are told to invite as many as possible for the movie.

    because of this, we were told to submit our request number of tickets to the church office by wednesday last week. hence he came to post about this event in this forum inviting posters to join in, asking you guys to PM him for tickets.

    But there were other members giving out notices in town informing the general public about this private free screening and has cause the church office telephone to be "flooded" with calls. the management then decide to put restriction to the ticket request. limiting the amount of tickets each member could get, hence it is somewhat impossible for him to cater to all the request here.

    that is why i suggested him to postpone the event to next week where we will be having easter celebration in the morning and perhapes we cound go for the passion movie later that day.

    i understand that most of you guys had taken time off from your busy schadule to attend the movie screening, i really regretted the outing turn out unsuccessful. please accept my apologies for causing inconivence cause by the sudden withdrawal of the movie tickets.

    i would still like to extend my invitation for you to come for our easter celebration this coming saturday at singapore indoor stadium. if the general crowd is still interested in the movie, then perhapes i can make arrangement to book the tickets.

    i sincerely apologise for any inconivence caused.

    Disclaimer: above post is made with personal understanding from the church notices to members, in no way represents the church or management's point of view. thank you.


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