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Thread: Lens Hood Size for 72mm?

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    Default Lens Hood Size for 72mm?

    Hi, Currently I am using 18-200mm lens for EOS 500D and wondering what's the correct size of the lens hood I shall be buying? Shall it be 72mm as per what it is indicated on the lens?

    Any suggestion where I can get hold of this hood? Thanks.

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    Default Re: Lens Hood Size for 72mm?

    the manual of the lens should have the model number of the hood required .... go to shop and buy it ... there are 3rd party hoods that are labelled "for 18-200mm canon"
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    Default Re: Lens Hood Size for 72mm?

    TS,can you use a different font?People will strain their eyes reading your question.Anyway,your hood can be bought from mass sales


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