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Thread: Newbie - Blue Skies

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    TS, i assumed (just an assumption and I may be wrong) that you were attracted to the sky and the clouds formation. The whole feel must be good that somehow prompted you to want to capture this picture. Very often, that is how you end with the picture you posted. Reality is things do look very often right after you press the shutter button. My recommendations is to go take a look at some of those impressive landscape pictures (in books, magazines or websites (includng this forum) and ask yourself why they look so different. Start with the composition, the various elements found in each picture, the lighting, etc..

    As you view more and more, you will first learn how to slow down before pressing the shutter button, review what is within the viewfinder and do the adjustments needed to get the right picture. After a while, this will be 2nd nature of yours when taking landscape pictures. You will also learn how to give up trying to shoot a landscape on impulse.

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    nice clouds, indeed.

    but there is no focal point here.

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