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Thread: Photoshop color profile setting

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    Default Photoshop color profile setting


    Anyone using Spyder to calibrate their monitor and use photoshop for post processing can share?

    What I did was to calibrate the monitor, save the profile (new profile name) and use it as default monitor profile. The color setting for my photoshop is SRGB, which is the same as my camera setting. However, when the file is open in photoshop, the color looks different compared to when I view it with ACDSee, which is my default jpg viewer. It will only look similar if I do a proof setup with monitor profile.

    My question is, am I correct to use SRGB for photoshop working space, or do I need to change the working space to default monitor? Or am I suppose to do a proof view using the monitor profile?

    Sorry if it sounds confusing, I am not good at phrasing it out , but would really appreciate if anyone can enlighten

    Thanks in advance !

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    Quote Originally Posted by pureflow
    ACDsee has NO color management.
    I also noticed the colour difference when viewing on a image viewer and on PS. So does that mean those fast graphics viewer such as FireGraphics doesn't have colour management as well??

    Actually i am comtemplating whether to buy the basic Spyder as well, any idea what is the street price now?


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