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Thread: Multiply gathering & photo shooting contest 2010

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    Default Multiply gathering & photo shooting contest 2010


    2010 tea reception 3 will come! ! !

    A reception to announce a reception to announce the continuation and the host of two purposes, to send the cat in 2010 (Multiply) friends together, "tea reception 3

    Tiger big splash Photography Open "(MULTIPLY GATHERING & PHOTO SHOOTING

    CONTEST 2010) will break new ground in the form of, for the first time out of touch with nature, outdoors, to ancient times

    Dragon Tiger Gate Dragon Villa (sand to make the zoo Saleng Zoo) hold. The event also will be the first time in the ancient incense night

    User Seafood House dinner held in the city is a dinner and ceremony photography competition.

    Sponsored by the studio to get out, the annual cat to send (Multiply) friends together, "tea reception Tiger 3

    Big splash photography Open "will be 5 月 1 日 (Saturday) 8 am to 12 noon, in the ancient Dragon Tiger Gate Dragon

    Villa (sand to make the zoo Saleng Zoo) hold. Event is open to friends and photography lovers around the reference

    Plus, the theme will be shot on site announced on race day.

    Zheng Qin Jian pointed out that the overall activity this year is the third workshop organized by related activities. As in previous years, activities

    User Meetings and photography for the purpose of exchange, and allow users and amateur photographers around the exchange and understanding between each other.

    All three still get the U.S. tea reception Photographic Equipment Co., Ltd. (MEE TOO PHOTO) Photo Contest sponsored by 13

    Totaling four thousand five hundred ringgit photography prize. The photography is very attractive prizes Open champion, champion

    Lord won a Nikon Digital SLR Camera D3000.

    "Tiger big splash photography tea reception 3 Open" to accept pre-registration form, entry fee is RM50 (including photo

    Video competition entry fee, entry photo, zoo entrance fee and dinner). Activities are open to non-competition and the photographer

    To users, it costs 35 ringgit (including: the zoo entrance fees, dinner). The event now available for application

    In order to facilitate arrangements for the Assembly banquet registration deadline is April 25, late applicants applicants of their seats or in the field

    Empty seats will be arranged the night, it costs 55 ringgit all.

    Any questions or registration, please call the event organizers - Zheng Qin Jian (+6016-7730959) or Internet for more details.

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    Default Re: Multiply gathering & photo shooting contest 2010

    Mission: meet friends, share photo

    Sponsored by: get out studio CHEN STUDIO
    Sponsor: MEE TOO PHOTO

    Coordinator: Zheng Qin Jian (johor)
    Foreign Film Director and Director of Photography Contest: Week repair with (johor)
    Director of the video reception: once Yiu Chung (johor)
    Our team: gentle Zhen (penang),, Lin Yuhui (johor), Zhang Wen mechanized (kl), ZHOU Jian-li (kl), Shu-Chun Lin (johor), Yao mother (johor), Ye Jianming (johor), Chen Dishun (johor ), Lin Shu-Ying (melaka), Huangtian Long (johor)

    Event Date: 1 MAY 2010, Saturday
    Shot Topic: will be announced on site

    Venue: Dragon Tiger Gate Dragon Villa (sand to make the zoo Saleng Zoo) TCARAPAIMA & TROPICAL FISH S / B
    Address: Lot 3777, Batu 17 1 / 2, Jalan Raya, Saleng, 81400 Senai, Johor.

    Three tea reception dinner Venue: Hong Mancheng Seafood Restaurant RESTAURANT XIANG MANN
    Address: 1, Jalan Bunga Mawar 1, Taman Sri Kulai Baru, 81000 Kulai, Johor.

    Rules of Competition

    I. Entry Conditions

    1. The event open to Malaysian citizens and foreign participants.
    A. Participants pay a registration fee RM50 photography can participate. (Including: photography competition entry fee, entry photo, zoo entrance fees, dinner)
    B. those who did not participate in photo competition entry fee RM35 (including: the zoo entrance fees, dinner)
    C. :6-12-year-old child registration fee RM25 (5 years of age free)
    3. Each participant can only receive an award.
    4. Candidates shall not be used for any commercial purposes will be subject to verification, of all legal action from the responsibility to pay.
    5. All entries will not be returned. Organizers have the right to use the information displayed in newspapers published in the publication of not pay any remuneration.

    II. Entry Description

    6. The game only accept color photos; submitted photos for the activities necessary for the day of the works produced.
    7. Photos taken can be any photographic equipment, but the picture must conform to the following specifications:
    - Software: JPEG format
    - All submitted photos may be synthetic or post-production special treatment, but participants can image fine-tuning of color and tone processing and cutting.

    III. Selection and Awards

    8. The jury ruled that the only final decision, any oral or written complaints of all not be processed.
    9. 3 MAY 2010 release results in a walk studio website:

    Prizes awarded that night, not recipients are required to score within 30 days after the announcement of the organizer to collect their prizes, or void treatment.

    10. Prizes:

    Champion: Nikon Digital SLR Camera D3000 10.2 megapixels + awards
    Runner-up: Nikon Coolpix S570 12.0 megapixels + awards
    Runner-up: Nikon Coolpix L20 10.0 megapixels + awards
    Ten Outstanding Award: Kingston Flash Drive 8GB + awards

    11. The tournament regulations if it has shortcomings, the organizer reserves the right to add or delete the.

    Registration / Registration time - 7.30am ~ 8.30am
    Shooting time - 9.00am ~ 11.30am
    Cross-time - 11.00am ~ 12.30pm
    Free - 12.30pm ~ 6.00pm
    Review Time - 6.00pm ~ 7.30pm
    Dinner time - 7.30pm ~ 9.30pm

    Now open for applications!
    In order to facilitate arrangements for the Assembly banquet, invited participants to register before 25 April 2010, late registration or on-site applicants of their seats empty seats will be arranged the night, entry fee shall be RM55.

    Please send registration fee participants interested in importing the following bank account:
    CHANG CHIN CHEN 4-5438226-20

    Application fee has been remitted, please inform the Programme Coordinating texting - Zheng Qin Jian +6016 7730959 to confirm receipt of payment, thank you.

    If you have any questions, please call or email the organizer responsible for Qin Jian Cheng for more details: +6016-7730959 or Email:

    Please PM me all your applicants name and contact number in English, thank you.

    Can refer here for more detail:


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