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Thread: Digital photography: What's new?What's ahead?

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    Many of the new cameras, printers, and photo accessories that you will begin to see in stores and online in the weeks and months ahead had their debut recently in Las Vegas at the Photo Marketing Association show. PMA, as it’s known, claims to be the world’s largest show of its kind, attracting more than 30,000 retailers, photofinishers, portrait studios, imaging centers, manufacturers, and suppliers.

    Consumer Reports sent a small delegation of market analysts, engineers, and editors to cover the event this year. Following is their digest of the most important developments you can expect to see later this year......Link

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    "Under-$1,000 digital SLRs. Canon was the first manufacturer with a digital single-lens reflex camera for less than $1,000. Nikon and other well-known camera makers are starting to follow. Though digital SLRs are a relatively small segment of the market, sales are predicted to explode this year."

    Looks like I am able to get myself and DSLR soon


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