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Thread: Dry canibet usage

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    Default Dry canibet usage

    I just purchased a dry cabinet for my D90 and 3 lenses at the moment I set at 45%

    I am intending to keep a few leather wallets in the dry cabinet as well.

    I heard from somewhere that it is not advisable to put camera equipments and leather goods together. Is this true? If yes, why?

    Anyone have any experience?

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    Default Re: Dry canibet usage

    45% will be too dry for leather goods, it will harden and crack in a short period.
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    Default Re: Dry canibet usage

    Thanks.. i always thought that 45% - 50% is usable for leather as well.

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    Default Re: Dry canibet usage

    Before I kept my wallets in dry cabinet, apply leather conditioner on them, sealed in ziploc wrap or any resealable plastic bag. This way, the wallet is protected from cracking. If wallets are left unused for too long in our humid environment, fungus will grow or become moldy.

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    Default Re: Dry canibet usage

    Not advisable to put leather goods in the dry cabinet becos of the low RH u gg to set, u might get craked lines after prolonged storage.

    Tat said nv set ur RH too low (for me is 48-52%), it will have the same adverse effect on ur rubber (in body and lens)
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