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Thread: Memory Stick vs SD Card

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    I just bought a alpha 330 cam and this cam allows me to slot in 2 types of cards.

    SD and Mem Stick.

    As i intend to get another mem card (I already have 1 each), wondering which one should i go for?

    Any difference between this 2 cards? I mean in terms of speed or performance or any other things that i should take note?


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    In terms of speeds, so long as you get a good one, they're about the same. sony's new HG version should be fastest, but you really don't need it. Save money, get a good Sandisk SD card.

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    Ok noted...

    Thk u

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    get a sd card, because it is more common.

    i used to use a sony prosumer, so i can tell you that memory stick media (card reader) tends to be more problematic. i have had zero trouble with built in sd card readers, but when it comes to MS card readers, i've gotten my MS stuck more than once. :P


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