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Thread: 13th April FREE Photoshop CS5 talk! (www.***********

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    Default 13th April FREE Photoshop CS5 talk! (www.***********

    FREE for all!

    Organised by,this monthly gathering shares all things good about Adobe! In this month, they'll share new tips on photo retouching as well as tips for Adobe Photoshop CS5!

    Venue:Venue: Tampines Regional Library
    31, Tampines Ave 7 Singapore 529620

    Programme Details
    6.45PM - Registration

    7.00PM - Professional photo retouching by Stefano Virgilli
    Stefano retouched the pictures of well known Italian photographers
    from 2002 to 2006. Last month he showcased the High Pass
    sharpening trick. This month, he will focus on other amazing retouching
    techniques, allowing the model to look younger and fresher while retaining her
    natural look as much as possible.

    7.30PM - Creating music for beginners by Ivan Chew
    Ivan Chew, a Garageband and DIY music enthusiast, will share how
    "non-musicians" can use Apple's GarageBand software and Creative
    Commons licensed music samples to create soundtracks -- instrumentals
    or vocal pieces -- for videos and slideshows. By non-musicians, it
    means you don't have to know how to play any instruments or sing to
    win Singapore Idol. All you need is GarageBand (which comes with your
    Mac), an ability to count (if you can count, you can keep in tune),
    and a connection to the Internet (to search and download free and
    legal music samples).

    8.00PM - BREAK

    8.15PM - Finally CS5! by Stefano Virgilli
    Synopsis > Beta tester Stefano Virgilli will showcase some of the most
    impressive new tools in Adobe Photoshop CS5! Do not miss it

    8.45PM - END

    Feel free to contact us for further details!
    Larry | Fisher | Jon from RDP
    T: 92254611 | 91862624 | 81885650
    E: enquiries@***********
    W:www.*********** /

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    Default Re: 13th April FREE Photoshop CS5 talk! (www.***********

    Launch is "LIVE" NOw!!

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