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Thread: need help !!

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    Default need help !!

    hi all my frd and i are using the same camera and lens
    but those pics that i toke the colour are very dull compare to my frd 1
    so beside white balance and metering
    wat other causes may cause that thanks all

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    You mean they looked different even though they are taken under the same conditions (venue, time, lighting) ?

    Are the in camera settings the same (sharpening, saturation etc)?

    Are you comparing post-processed pictures from your friends to your non-processed pictures?

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    ya they are taken in the same condition
    the pis are not process yet
    all thesetting the same

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    Maybe with your friend's permission, you post both your photos up.

    Can't say for sure can pinpoint the issue, but there is a chance someone here can help.

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    oki will try to do so

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    Quote Originally Posted by cure75 View Post
    ya they are taken in the same condition
    the pis are not process yet
    all thesetting the same
    i highly doubt this. metering affects exposure, wb affects the correct color of the situation. if your wb is wrong, your picture color will be totally off from your friend. if its exposure, the brightness will be affect.

    my gut feel is settings in camera. perhaps one in vivid mode. another in normal mode.


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    wow thanks alot will do cx next time we go for shoot

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    Oh, so your "same camera" refers to identical model, not "sharing a single camera"? Otherwise, the in-camera settings should be the same unless consciously changed.

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    ya we got the identical model and not sharing the same 1 thanks
    i have cx the setting we are using is the same too
    so can it be possible that my cam body metering got problem or i myself got problem
    thanks thanks
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