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Thread: Another tripod Question ;p

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    Default Another tripod Question ;p

    i will be going to Europe for 2 weeks vacation next month. and am currently using a panny gf1 with both 20mm and 14-45mm kit lens.

    light weight and portability is my top priority over price.

    wat would u guys/girls suggest? is gitzo overkill for a m4/3 cam?

    thanx for reading

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    If you have the money, why not? Gitzo is good. Your GF1 is already quite light but at night and landscape for long exposure, a tripod is a must. Get a portable and light weight one. You will appreciate it lugging it around. And no, it is not an overkill because who knows you will want to do paranomic shooting later? Or you might upgrade up from m4/3.

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    Default Re: Another tripod Question ;p

    thanx for the input.

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    actually, sold all my canon dslr gear and moved to something more portable. don think i'll ever go back to bulky equipment ever again

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    Default Re: Another tripod Question ;p

    since money no issue here, my buddy is using gitzo basalt 1series with markin q3 head. very light and build quality is there.
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    will check it out. thanx


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