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    Hi all,
    I have just brought my Coolpix 5000 not so long ago, I have gone through the manual but couldn't find out way to take a paronama photo, I know this function is available within Canon. Can anyone care to enlighten me? Also, I like to take photo which can show the depth of field, can anyone tell me how to go about doing it? I try to set the aparture to higher value, but it doesn't seems to help.


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    Canon DCs got this function called Panaroma which will stich few photos to become a panaroma shot. Whereby for a nikon CP series, don't think got this kind of "wonderful" setting. You will need some software to help you to do so. [more easy understanding way] you try to shot a few photos and stich by using some software. Please remember the settings in the DCs are not standard (which means that one special setting in one DC cannot be found in all the DC)

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    for panorama, you just need to take the picture, hold it still.... then move to the next frame and take the next pic with overlap of about 10-20%.....

    use software to stitch the picture together after that......

    if higher value cannot then try lower value lah.....

    f-1.8 = bigger apeture background blur
    f-10 = smaller apeture background clear....

    cannon G2 has a guide which shows your first picture so that you can take the second pan. pic easily..... not sure about nikon

    for me i use my judgement to take panorama... most stitching software can do a fantastic job.....


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