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Thread: How do you back up when at a shoot? More cards or Portable HD?

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    Cool How do you back up when at a shoot? More cards or Portable HD?


    Just wondering, since CS have so many digital camera users, what's the preferred ways for backing up shot images when going for outdoor shoots.

    Do you carry more memory cards?

    or transfer the shots into a portable HD like X-drive, FlashTrax etc.

    or a bigger capacity memory card, like those one or more GB ones.

    Just wanna find out which is a better way to go before investing on one. it will be a good reference for newbies


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    There is no preferred way actually. It depends on what you really need and what you can afford. If you are those going for casual shoot, you will normally not need more than 1GB of memory space. You can always review and delete. For more serious outing like going to Ubin or 3D2N trip to Malaysia, a group of people sharing a portable device (loan) is affordable but risky. Advise is to get more cards and increase keeper rates to 95% (delete those you do not want on the spot) and you can probably need not more than 2GB to oversea.

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    i'll go for more cards. slightly faster to sort on the spot


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