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Thread: Help, need to update camera raw

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    Hi guys,

    Desperately need some help here. I installed Elements 6 ( which I had on my laptop) on my new PC and need to download a newer version of Camera Raw for my 50D if not the original photoshop elements cant read the raw files. Problem I have is I just don't seem to be able to open the webpage from the adobe website for the download. It loads halfway and just hangs. I tried many times to the same result. I need camera raw 5.2 for my 50D. Would there be any problems if I downloaded the latest camera raw 5.7 instead?

    Would really appreciate any help. Thanks.

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    I downloaded it from this site OK. If that doesn't work, I uploaded the zip file to Here's a link:

    I don't think 5.7 will work with your version of Elements.

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    Thanks a lot for the info. I dunno why the adobe webpage just won't load on my PC. I managed to download it from your link. Up dated the 8BI file. Now everything works fine. I still don't understand why my PC won't open the adobe webpage. It just hangs. Thanks again for your help
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