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Thread: Drinks, anyone?

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    Default Drinks, anyone?

    Main flash with shoot through umbrella on camera right
    BG flash hitting white paper. Gradient created by light falloff.

    ISO 200, F16, 85mm, 1/1000s

    Triggered by Poverty Wizards (PT-04 III)

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    Default Re: Drinks, anyone?

    nice. how did you manage the tilt in water level?

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    nice.....the camera and the glasses were tilted abit rite? clean shot except for the spidery thingy in the water...what is that?

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    you're right shiruikage. it's taken tilted =)

    about the spidery thingy, it's a reflection of something on my work table, can't remember what was it. never bothered to take it out on post, i should have though.

    the "drinks" are hand soap and dishwashing liquid.

    thanks guys.

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    Default Re: Drinks, anyone?

    Like the idea on the titled level. Good one

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    Default Re: Drinks, anyone?

    very nice tilted..
    not to impress but shoot to express

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    Default Re: Drinks, anyone?

    Liked the idea of tilt......also when i read what are those "drinks" just made be laugh....
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