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Thread: Sponsor for Manny Librodo

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    Hi guys anyone can help us get in touch with sponsors for the upcoming Manny Librodo Workshop in August like NIKON, EPSON etc.. etc.. we already have NIK software with us and we would like to push for more.

    Thanks guys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by contaxable View Post
    Why don't you approach the sponsors direct? I am sure they are a friendly bunch.

    Besides, his courses won't be free anyway. Heard a lot about Manny, I am sure he is making a nice come back after the last trip.

    His pictures seem inspiring indeed, but I wonder if he really imparts his skills?
    thanks for the suggestion. did tried that but ended up talking and being bounced back to the wrong people.

    there will be an upcoming master class in August for two days straight.
    updated details can be seen in :

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    Wah nik software. Will he teach on how to use stuff like Silver Efex and the Coloured version(Forgot what it's called)


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