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Thread: Casino on Sentosa

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    Quote Originally Posted by DennisLee
    Isn't that a great idea? U know that prostitution is evil. If left to the underground, who knows how much faster aids will spread, and how those prostitutes will suffer. By legalising and monitoring the sector (providing health check on the prostitutes etc) wouldnt the govt have made it safer for the society and the night workers? Vices will always be around.
    Yeah, allowing some form of controlled gambling curbs the underground activity. Note that there are already legal gaming activities controlled by the government, so opening a casino is more like opening the floodgates. And certainly we Singaporeans have had enough of bending over backwards in making ourselves 2nd class in our own country (spelled FT). Don't wish to see the days more human beings becoming supermans (read: leaping off high buildings) because of the financial ruin caused by gambling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ah Pao
    You argue, I argue = no conclusion. Your heading east, and I'm heading west. You have your POVs, and I respect that.

    Ya, everyone has their pov, probably dosen't make anyone more right or more wrong.

    So, let's hope the garment knows what they are doing because nothing's gonna change because of our POV.

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