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Thread: Which RAW viewer is the fastest for mac?

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    Default Which RAW viewer is the fastest for mac?

    Right now I'm using 'Photon' after trying out many many softwares. It is quite fast on my Mac Pro (dual 2.66 ghz, 16GB RAM), but it's rather sluggish on my Powermac G5 (dual 1.8ghz, 6GB RAM).

    What I like about it is that the program is very simple; just view RAW photos, delete if you wish, and with a click of the mouse, you can zoom in to the photo at 100% to check for focus accuracy (and delete those which are OOF).. However, it doesn't cache the photos, therefore I waste approx 2sec each photo (on my Mac Pro) when I click on individual photo, and it shows 'processing RAW'. Imagine the time 2sec would mean when I'm going through more than 1000 photos!

    Therefore I'd like to find the fastest RAW viewer which could cache the photos by itself (can eat up all my RAM for all it wants), so everytime I just leave it to cache for 30mins whilst I go for lunch or do other things. Then when I'm back, it'll be very smooth to go through every photo.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Default Re: Which RAW viewer is the fastest for mac?

    i think aperture is good cos im using it on my macbook.. no problem.

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    Default Re: Which RAW viewer is the fastest for mac?

    For culling of RAW files, Photo Mechanic is one of the fastest out there.

    For editing of RAW fles, I guess Aperture 3 is the best as endorsed by Guy Gowan himself. In his own words.. "It's Sexy!".

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    Default Re: Which RAW viewer is the fastest for mac?

    Thanks guys

    I've just tried Photo Mechanic, and it's amazingly fast!! It's like viewing JPEG (+ a lot faster!)

    Looks like I've decided.. Thanks!

    Btw for editing of RAW files, I still like C1pro. The output is accurate, and highlights are rendered very nicely.


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