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    I am currently using CS4 on a PC. I usually shoot in RAW and open in Camera Raw for initial editing before opening it in Photoshop for further touching up. The problem comes about when I want to save the edited file in Photoshop in JPEG format. Somehow the format options under the 'Save As' box does not have a JPEG option but just variations of .psd format. When I save it under .psd format and open it again to try and re-save it under JPEG, the option is still not there.

    Has anyone encounter the same problem or have I just missed a step or 2 in the process?

    Appreciate any advice. Thanks alot.

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    Go to:
    Image> Mode

    Is 8 Bit channel ticked?
    If it isn't please have that ticked before saving your image.

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    Hi Tainted,

    Thanks for your advice. Most of my photos are under 8-bit, but still not working.

    Another way of asking - how to convert .psd file into JPEG file under CS4?

    Thanking in advance..

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    Under Image > Mode, is it showing as RGB? If it's RGB and 8Bit, there should be JPG listed when you press Save As.

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    It works! Thanks alot for the advice!


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