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Thread: Good place to take picture in Jakarta

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    Default Good place to take picture in Jakarta

    Can anyone tell me where to take picture in Jakarta. I am going there next month.

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    What kind of things do you like to shoot? Street life? nature? landscape? buildings?

    How street smart/tough are you? Some places are a definite no no for a first time visitor as it might not be safe.

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    Maybe can try Kampong Cina quite a drive from jakarta maybe 1 to 2 hrs But very colourful place. Puncak about 1 1/2hr drive from Jakarta got very nice weather and lots of flowers at Taman Bunga, not forgetting the food and a open safari park. Anyway the duration varies on the traffic. But for the rest of Jarkarta itself I advise to stay away if you going there alone, in a group maybe. I got rob and they took my P&S camera from my car when I'm still in it heeheehee. Wrong place at wrong time. Anyway drop me a PM if you need any info. No I'm not an Indonesian but my wife is and have been leaving there running my business. Just got back and phew the feeling of actually carrying my DSLR in public is great. Anyway it's not that bad over there just be careful. Lots of things to shoot beautiful old buildings from Dutch influence. Enjoy
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    You can try Kota Wisata. I don't know how to drive there but you have to use Jagorawi expressway.

    Don't ever take out your camera while you are in the car unless the window glasses can prevent people from outside to see through. Well, I don't feel good to take out my camera whenever I am in Indonesia. To my assumption, when people there see camera, they would become a bull that have just seen a red cloth
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    It is my first time in Jakarta, I am actually going for business so if the country is not safe, I better leave my camera home.


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