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Hi Tweek, you may consider visiting Yosemities if you can squeeze some time. It's a few hundred miles north to SF if I am not wrong. My American hosts strongly recommended to me last time but I didnt go due to time issue. Later see pix by my friends, wow, big pity. But the problem is that if you dont drive then it will significantly limit your mobility. Dont take normal coach, it's very very slow. From LA to SF takes 7~8 hours so a whole day is gone
thanks tom, I don't think I will be going to the yosemite cos of what you mentioned, the mobility problem, cos I don't plan to drive. I'm going with my gf, and she is not exactly the outdoor type, so I wonder if she will enjoy being at the Yosemite, hehheh. But yes I've seen pics of that place, it's beautiful.....

I'm taking Greyhound from LA to SF, yep it takes a long time, but I'm taking an overnight coach so I can sleep on board, without having to shell out money for a hotel stay for that night. Haha, budget tour lah, got to cut cost, no choice.