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Thread: Looking for grassland location

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    Hi Everyone,

    I'm looking for a green hilly location that can let me capture a horizon shot where the green grass meets the horizon. Anyone come across such location in Singapore? I've tried landfills @ Lorong Halus, Botanic Gardens, Bartley Cemetery, have not found a uninterrupted horizon yet. Please help. ; )Newbie snowpea

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    marina barrage?
    "camcount" freeze, till Dec 2011

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    Are you going really wide angle? that would make it harder to have a "clean horizon".

    There are some open fields and slopes in Sengkang area, you can eliminate distracting elements by composing your pics creatively.

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    Which part of Senkang would that be? Have you shot there before? Any photos to share?

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    I have not shot what I'm guessing you have intended (is it like those windows vista screens?) so no pics to help you with.

    On the other hand, if you have a link to a similar photo you wish to achieve, you can post the link here so we can better understand the expectations and give suggestions.

    One easy way is that you get on the LRT line in Sengkang and take a round of the area from the top, then scout out which area (if any) suits your purpose.

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    Welcome to CS !
    Hope you find your grassland soon !


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