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Thread: Hey you...Hello? Whatever happened to Excuse me?

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    Its not all just about the service quality. (To me)
    Its about being civic minded.

    All the Campaigns is not going to help this so called ''educated people''. For it is this very mentality that we are ''educated'' that we ''deserve'' high quality service.

    Service is subjective. What a provider does for me may not go down well for another. For example, I walk into a well known camera shop and they tell me that they ran out of stock for this camera and would be restocking it about 2 weeks time.

    Now, another person can have that same treatment, and call it ''bad service''. Why?

    Well, simply because the service provider did not take down his name and contact number and tell him that the shop will call/SMS him the moment stock arrived. They would even reserve a copy for him without a deposit.

    I have been in the industry for 8 years (I still am unfortunately), and its a war.

    For example, when I step out of a train, I do not give way. The only way I give is to elderly and pregnant ladies. Whoever is in my line of sight and across the painted lines, meet my shoulder. Why do I do this? Because we need the various agencies to spend $$ to paint lines to teach us how to stand in line.

    Do we deserve the claim of ''educated''?
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    Default Re: Hey you...Hello? Whatever happened to Excuse me?

    Quote Originally Posted by andeelym View Post
    I went to Taiwan twice noticed that the people there are so friendly and civic consious.
    Just my 2 cents.
    interesting point. SGPean often use the excuse as being in a big city / metropolitan hence busy / stressed. I would expect those in Taipei to be equally if not more stressed. If Taiwanese can do it, why can't we?

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