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Thread: Spyder3 pro calibration problem

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    Default Spyder3 pro calibration problem

    I just bought a Spyder3 pro and encounter the same problem as some users here after doing a search. I got a greenish tint after calibration, it's the same when I set gamma 2.2 6500k or 5800k, with or without ambient light compensation. Can't find a way to solve it after some online search. Help appreciated.

    Using HP workstation laptop, windows 7, latest software downloaded from datacolor website.

    The bar at the top of clubsnap forum appears greenish too, which I suppose it to be grey?

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    try to restart and then verify your calibration.

    a few suggestions ive seen with a tint after calibration:
    - update video driver.
    - calibrate. restart. verify calibration. restart.
    - try to calibrate in a moderately lit room. no light directly pointed at the monitor/spyder.

    i got a bluish tint after my first calibration. got my dell looking good when i calibrated with a slightly bright monitor. and after doing the second bullet in the suggestion.

    yes, its a gray bar on top.

    hope this helps.

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    I'm using latest drivers for graphics card, re-calibrate a few times and similar results. The only source of light is the florescence lamp in my room.

    Tried with and without ambient light compensation, 5000k, 5800k, 6500k. With and without suction cup.

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    Default Re: Spyder3 pro calibration problem

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    Default Re: Spyder3 pro calibration problem

    Thanks guys, will take a look at dpreview and the coloreyes display software.

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    Ok, I've solved the problem. Spyder software is indeed not good. I use coloreyes display (demo version) and is all right now. No more colour cast.

    But after the demo expiry, what am I suppose to do? The software aren't cheap.

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    the profile will keep you in business for the time being. try to calibrate again before the expiry is up and compare the color shifts. if there's not much shifting, you're probably safe to stick with the profile for a while until you've saved up enough for it or until the software finds itself into singapore distribution channels.


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