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Thread: photo stitching

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    So great! I admire what U made . They seems real !

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    Quote Originally Posted by night86mare View Post
    So great! I admire what U made . They seems real !

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    hi guys, managed to get hold of ptgui. see below for comparison. below are stitches from canon, cs2 and ptgui.

    no prize for guessing which is which. thanks for the recommendations guys.

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    ptgui vs canon photostitch

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    Besides PTGUI (which is a commercial software), you can also consider using Hugin (which is free) if you do not have CS4. Previously before switching to CS4, I used Hugin for all my pano stitching needs. But CS4 has since improved so much that nowadays it has become my standard stitching tool.

    For pano shots, I would use manual focus, manual exposure, manual WB, and select a focal length that makes the stitching easier for the software (usually something around 50mm). I seldom use tripod as most of my pano shots are done up in the mountains, and with some practises I can get pretty good panning. What I find the most important is the manual exposure, to avoid having frames with different tonality which will spell trouble when stitched. I would usually meter the entire scene plus the main subject, and then decide on the exposure to shoot (it will usually be the exposure of the main subject, or the middle exposure if the main subject is the entire scene).

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