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Thread: Safe to buy iphone from sellers online ?

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    Default Safe to buy iphone from sellers online ?

    I'm looking to get a 16gb 3gs iphone. However, as i have just recontracted my hp line abt half a yr ago, I need to seek other alternatives other than buying straight from my telco operator.

    I have been searching thru the net for some iphone deals.

    Saw quite a few sign line sets but not too sure if its safe to get the phone from buyers online.

    Of cos I plan to do a COD transaction.

    Just like to know if anyone here has bought phone from sellers online before.

    Kindly share ur experience.

    Thanks !

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    Default Re: Safe to buy iphone from sellers online ?


    as in, you pay, the phone comes through mail?

    depends on which site you are using. be more specific!

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    Default Re: Safe to buy iphone from sellers online ?

    thanks for ur reply night86mare .

    I am more of looking at getting from sellers who have recontracted their lines and selling their phones off.

    Seen a few pretty decent deals.

    Just not too sure if its safe so just wanted to know if any bros here have done such purchases before.

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    Default Re: Safe to buy iphone from sellers online ?

    well, it is the same principle as camera.

    second hand market will be cheaper for sure, for all electronics stuff, straight away will have a drop of at least 10-20% depending on how popular the product is.

    you will face risks though, because you have no idea what the original owner has done in between getting the phone brand new and selling it off to you. he could have took it for a swim and tried to dry it out. this may not result in problems surfacing right away, but later down the road. of course most cases will be genuine, honest sellers, but the risk is always there.

    same advice as for camera gear - if you are willing to take the risk, then get it. if not, then don't get. if you worried, then make sure you buy a second hand phone still under warranty, and make sure you get the receipt or proof or purhcase with date from him. then at least you will be relatively covered/insured in the case of problems developing.

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    Default Re: Safe to buy iphone from sellers online ?

    go hardwarezone mobile sale corner, there is reputable sellers there. basically they buy contract from other users, then get the hp at discount rate then sell it to you. this had been a long practise already.


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