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Thread: IS lens on eos30d?

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    Default IS lens on eos30d?

    hey there, new to this. wondering is a 18-55mm IS lens compatible with EOS30d? Intending to purchase the lens from a fellow CS-er. Unsure as the current lens im using is not an IS lens. thanks alot for help and advice!

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    It's compatible. Both EFS and EF lens will fits on all crop sensor body.
    Image Stabilisation is additional function in newer lens.

    It's better for u to COD with the seller. Test it before u purchase.
    The condition of the lens might not the same as advertised.
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    thanks alot! will take note of this, and have asked seller if able to test before purchase. thanks once again!

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    So worries, can use. I have used 18-55mm IS and 17-55mm IS USM lens on my 350D. No issues.

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    IS can be used on all modern Canon dSLRs... Even the Canon EOS D60, for instance.

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    Default Re: IS lens on eos30d?

    Welcome to CS
    Take the shot!

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    Warm welcome !

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