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Thread: Advice needed! buying dslr 1000D. thanks!

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    Default Re: Advice needed! buying dslr 1000D. thanks!

    While a body with more functions may give a few more options, as a 1kD user I can safely say it has not failed me. Feel free to look at my portfolio... I believe that my pictures will speak for themselves.

    I got the 1kD last year, so it was quite worthwhile due to price and the next highest. At this point however, the value of 550D is really too much to ignore, so if you can, probably it'd be better to toss in a little more and get a model that will probably last you all the way.

    I am working towards a FF (either 5Dmk2/3 or 6D etc) and will probably stick to my 1kD... it is good enough for most basic use.

    Welcome to CS: read, ask and snap =)
    better to be Socrates dissatisfied than a fool satisfied -J.S. Mill
    1000D. My works

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    Default Re: Advice needed! buying dslr 1000D. thanks!

    Quote Originally Posted by wootsk View Post
    Got enough money to first to buy a,
    Dry cabinet or dry box
    Camera bag
    At least a kit lens with the camera
    Preferable a solid tripod (Please search for reviews in CS before asking which tripod)
    Those budget are also to be considered in before buying the camera.

    1000D to me feels like plastic toy, somemore have no spot metering.
    Lastly, juz a question. Have you done a seach about people posting about 1000D in clubsnap?
    agreed. factor all this in u can add up another 300 bucks easily just drycabi etc.

    i didnt get the tripod. or else tats like 300 more.

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    Default Re: Advice needed! buying dslr 1000D. thanks!

    In my opinion, this really depends on the direction you r going. Whether you want to do professional photography, or for passion(taking nice photos).
    If it's just a hobby, why not just play around with your powershot? You can do creative shots on ur powershot as well, and you can work on your composition. This is the most impt for photography for me.

    I feel that the most impt factor is the user, not the camera. The camera is just a tool. Is just how you create the shot you want.

    Just to get back to topic, I was also in the same situation as you, and I got myself a 2nd hand 1000D as well. But now, I find myself trapped in a situation where I want to get better lens, and a good lens really cost a bomb. But I have no complain with my 1000D, I think it can make a good picture compared with cameras on the same league.

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    Default Re: Advice needed! buying dslr 1000D. thanks!

    Hey guys, thanks for all the input as well as the welcomes. much appreciated.

    not too sure how the forum works yet, if i try to reply everyone individually, i'll just end up posting a whole bunch of repeatitive entries right? so guess i shall just sum everything up in one post.

    this is the gist of what i got so far.
    1. consider more than just camera body.
    definitely. if i'm buying, i'm definitely getting at least the kit lense plus one other, if not whats the point? haha. and the good thing about lenses is you can keep them even when you change your camera body, right? (:

    to me the rest is not as important, they are more like stuff you add to your equipment along the way?

    2. sounds like the main complaints about the 1000D are the grip, the lack of spot metering and the, er, kiddy/plastic feel? XD oh and LCD size.

    i didnt seem to have problems with the grip when i used it (but like i said, this may be due to the v short term use and lack of comparisons) and i dont think the 'kiddy/plastic' feel would bother me too much.
    mm axis90x mentioned the fps too...

    3. general advice seems to be 1000D might be good enough (from 1000D users XD), but due to relatively similar prices of better models (450, 550), it might be more worth it in the long run to get those. thinking if i can get the 1000D secondhand at a good price, together with lenses, i should? (probably do a quick comparison with 450D/550D prices as well)
    in such a case i can still re-sell it without TOO MUCH lost if needed and still have some lenses to keep, or in a best case senario it might last me a few years while i improve before making another upgrade.

    haha. feel free to point out any logic gaps or reasoning flaws i may have made haha. and anything you agree with or disagree with. XD

    thanks again to all!

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    Default Re: Advice needed! buying dslr 1000D. thanks!

    Hi Friend
    Buy a Canon 1000 D with IS lens and enjoy, i have a Canon 1000 D and i am fully satisfied with 1000 D body not non is kit lens.


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    Default Re: Advice needed! buying dslr 1000D. thanks!

    If you are on budget, a 2nd hand 1000D with 18-55mm kit lens should serve you well. Though it is an entry level camera, it'll still be able to produce good shots and at the same time, for you to learn more on how to control a DSLR in terms of aperture, shutter speed, focusing, iso, handling etc.

    Have fun with your camera .

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    Default Re: Advice needed! buying dslr 1000D. thanks!

    my take is.. get a camera such that U have surplus budget for other add-ons like lens, external flash, dry cabinet, and memory cards.
    I am a 1000D user.. so far quite satisfied with it..
    The plastic body is very light.. I can sling the camera on for few hours with ease..
    but the plastic body can get scratches quite easily.. got a deep scratch on the back

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    Default Re: Advice needed! buying dslr 1000D. thanks!

    Quote Originally Posted by wootsk View Post
    1000D no spot metering? Like that CMI liao. Spot metering is so useful and important apart from manual.
    I can live without spot metering... I always use evaluative & adjust AV when needed. lolx
    Use to stick with 350D for years. Very similar specs with 1000D.
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    Default Re: Advice needed! buying dslr 1000D. thanks!

    I think given today's technology, for anyone open to improving his skills, any DSLR will allow you to take good pictures.

    A lot then comes down to, within your budget:
    - what features you must have and what features you can do without
    - how the camera feels to you

    If you are sure you will be remaining with Canon, then bear the above 2 points in mind when you hold the various models and compare feature sets.

    On features, I find spot metering important. I use it even on my ancient Powershot. So consider carefully whether you want to give up on this feature.

    If you are prepared to consider other brands, then other key feature considerations are:

    - Whether the camera has AF motor in body. Most do, but note that Nikon basic entry level one does not. The need to use lenses with AF motors means limited choice and higher cost lenses. But cheaper body?

    - Whether image stabilisation is in-lens or in-body. Canon and Nikon are in-lens. Sony, Olympus and Pentax are in-body. The in-lens camps argues that it is more effective stabilisation. The in-body camp argues that every lens, including legacy lenses are stabilised, and lower cost.

    - Range of lenses. Canon and Nikon have more lenses. The others though have a good range which will probably satisfy 99% of all users anyway. Another Canon and Nikon advantage is that with their huge user base, you might find it easier to borrow and try out different lenses. This I find to be a fallacy - just go over to the Pentax subforum and have a look - put a small bunch of passionate shooters together and you get to try all sorts of stuff - and you'll end up both shooting more and buying more.

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    Default Re: Advice needed! buying dslr 1000D. thanks!

    I use a 1000D myself, and I am generally very satisified with it. You should note that using the partial metering on the 1000D is a subsitute for spot metering, as the spot size on the 450D is quite large, around 1/3 of the partial size. 1000D can be bought for a very low price now. Brand new- ~$900 with kit 18-55, ~$500-600 2nd hand.

    If you are on a tight budget, the 1000D might be good, as it is usually around $150-250 less than the 450D. If not, you might want to consider the 500D or the 40D.

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    Default Re: Advice needed! buying dslr 1000D. thanks!

    always rmb, lens are important because they are the eyes of the camera, so will not get 1000D and have more money to get a better lens?

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    Default Re: Advice needed! buying dslr 1000D. thanks!

    To TS, do a through search of all the 2nd hand models from all brands first before taking the plunge. I assume you have limited budget since you are looking at a 2nd hand 1000D. The 1000D is not the best in terms of features, build and cost. Of course its capable of taking good photos, that has little to do with the camera. Its just that you can potentially get a better camera for the same price.

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