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Thread: what to look out for when checking 2nd hand DSLR?

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    Default what to look out for when checking 2nd hand DSLR?

    currently considering buying 2nd hand DSLR

    some of the my recommendations

    search on internet, check for potential issues & standard kit items

    use own CF card to take some shots, then bring back to review [use different ISO settings, continuous drive mode, different metering etc]

    shoot RAW & try out workflow of conversion

    anything else to look out for?

    how to check lens? e.g. mould?

    dust on sensor?

    battery? [how to differentiate original or generic?]

    proper shutter sounds?

    how to gauge proper flash operation?

    thanx for advice rendered

    oops, looks like a lot of questions...

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    do a search on the topic. i believe it has been talked about already.


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