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Thread: Pre-1980s fungal lens worth cleaning?

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    Default Pre-1980s fungal lens worth cleaning?

    Cleaned out old junk and found plethora of photographic equipment from pre-1980s (before I was born) from ancestors *haha*

    The lens are all fungal attacked (since stored in PAPER BOX for 20+ years)
    Found the following:

    1. Nikkor 43-86, 1:3.5
    2. Tokina AT-X 35-200, 1:3.5-4.5 (diameter 67mm but there's a Nikon mount converter)

    and some other I haven't had time to document. And there's plenty of coloured filters and what not.

    I'm an utter noob at photography, might be purchasing my first DSLR soon, so I was wondering if these stuff are worth salvaging.

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    Default Re: Pre-1980s fungal lens worth cleaning?

    I too found a huge pile of stuffs late last year..
    Some of it worked pretty well but a hell lot had fungus.

    Maybe those with a lot of fungus, don't bother cleaning them. I tried using some of the lenses on my previous EP-1 and current D90, they worked pretty ok. It's gonna be tedious using it as there might not be any AF nor metering.

    My suggestion would be buy your DSLR with a kit lens and later on just try out the old lenses to see if they might be of any interest to you.

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    Default Re: Pre-1980s fungal lens worth cleaning?

    In my opinion, if you need that particular lens then clean it, ask for quotation for cleaning as well.

    I got my Nikkor 70-210mm cleaned earlier this year as well. Made in 1988 and I spent $130.

    Hope it helps.
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    Default Re: Pre-1980s fungal lens worth cleaning?

    If the Nikon is early 80s or 70s, it is probably a Ai(S) lens. You will need at least a DXXX series cam to get metering. And it will be MF of course.

    And the tokina is probably a Ai(s) mount as well. But if you are wondering how much this lens is worth, this may give you an idea: Yes, someone bought it in very good condition for $5.50. USD of course.
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    Default Re: Pre-1980s fungal lens worth cleaning?

    yes, I will be getting my camera with kit lens, these will be just for fun if they are usable.

    thanks for input everyone. think I will just leave them there until a later date to see what I can do.


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