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Thread: Do you own a powerful computer?

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    Quote Originally Posted by OzOn3
    Eh, i have problems with my SMC wireless G Cardbus and my Linksys BEFS11W4 router
    What kinda problems ? Frequent disconnects ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tmc17479 many wires....looks like a fire waiting to happen (touch wood)
    doh!! Can't help it lar.. i dun will kenna fire right.. if kenna fire first thing i take away my water tumbler and my Tigger and my 2 ASP.NET books.. haha =x And my mouse.. And my laptop.. and my speakers... can leave my joystick for the fire to consume.. HJAHAHA

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    Quote Originally Posted by OzOn3
    P4 2.4Ghz
    512 mb ram
    40gig 5200 rpm
    Radeon Mobility 7500

    Eh, i have problems with my SMC wireless G Cardbus and my Linksys BEFS11W4 router
    should be 5400 RPM unless your disk rusty spinning a bit slow

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    Quote Originally Posted by reno77
    What kinda problems ? Frequent disconnects ?
    haa.. is cannot detect signal But using compex, can leh.. why?! i Email SMC tech support, no reply AT ALL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hwchoy
    should be 5400 RPM unless your disk rusty spinning a bit slow
    Doh! My bad!

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    Just bought the 512mb ram.. now totally 1 gig.. The system really flies now..

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    Just assembled my new rig a month ago

    Worked 3 months as a lifeguard to afford it. I'm so pleased with it. The apple cinema display is really the best LCD monitor to edit photos on.

    The shuttle sb75s is so silent and tiny. It doesn't take up alot of space in my dorm room. A radeon 9800 pro powers the graphics.

    Its only got a 74gb internal SATA 10k RPM western digital harddisk. But i have a 160gb external harddisk. Windows boots up in 5 secs and games run super fast.

    I had enough of my tiny ibook but still wanted to preserve the 'mac' look.

    Will be getting an apple keyboard in the future to complete that look.

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    Here's mine:

    Pentium III 700 mhz
    768mb SDRAM
    GF2 64MB Ti, GF2 64MB MX & Rage 128 32MB graphic cards
    2 x Maxtor 160GB 7200RPM in RAID 1 config, 2 x 20GB Seagate, 1 x 20GB IBM
    2 x Sony E200 17" CRT, 1 x MAG XJ700T 17" CRT monitors running at 1280x1024 screen res.
    1 x 54x CDROM, 1 x 12/8/32 CD-RW
    1 x Epson C900 Aculaser colour laser printer, 1 x Epson Photo 1290
    1 x 3Com Wireless router

    Quite old system, but it still serves me well.

    in addition to this, I also use:

    P4 1.8ghz Fujitsu Lifebook
    512MB RAM
    30GB Hddsk

    Powerbook G4 12" 1.33ghz
    1.28GB So-Dimms
    60GB Hddsk
    Super Drive
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    wow! nice setup flinchy...

    used to be a hardware buff when i was single... it was really addictive (pc upgrade every 3 to 6 months and notebook upgrade every year) well those are my hardwarezone days. (4 yrs ago. )

    i do miss the old days... but i realized that photography is sexier...
    hai! when can i upgrade my dslr? lol

    neways, here's my 2 to 3 yr old trusty setup...

    AMD TB 1.4 with PAL 8088 hsf
    1Gig DDR PC2100
    Radeon 8500
    200Gig HDD (recently upgraded)
    8X DVDrw (recently upgraded)
    TDK Cyclone 40X12X48
    Chieftec Alu Casing
    SB Audigy
    Klipsch Promedia 4.1 THX
    2x 21" NEC P1150 monitors
    Razor boomslang 2000 with mouse glide

    Dual P3 550 xeon
    512MB ECC
    4x 9 Gig SCSI HDD 's and 1x 100Gig IDE HDD

    sold off my notebooks to fund my 1st dslr (d100) 2 yrs ago..
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    my setup.

    main pc
    AMD XP 2000+ on MSI mobo,
    elzo f56 and samsung 550s monitor
    256mb ddr ram,
    120gb and 40gb hd,
    sumsung dvd drive,
    msi 52x cd-writer,
    winfast tv tunner with teletext,
    intel network card,
    singtel 512k broadband,
    aztech modem/broadband router,
    edimax 8 port switch,
    aten 4 port kvm switch,
    bluetooth adaptor,
    6 in 1 card reader,
    $30++ speaker,
    'a' drive,
    mediaforte digital drawing pad,
    canon pixma ip1000 printer.

    downloading pcs
    compaq intel 450+ on intel mobo,
    448mb sdram,
    6gb hd,
    cd-rom drive,
    intel network card,
    'a' drive.

    compaq intel 500 on intel mobo,
    256mb sdram,
    40gb and 10gb hd,
    cd-rom drive,
    intel network card,
    'a' drive.

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    Nikon D5000, D70; Nikon 18-55, 18-70, 70-300; Sigma 18-250, 50-500.

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    My setup

    AMD 2800XP MSI KT3 Ultra mobo
    Twinmos Twister DDR 400 1GB dual channel
    Hercules 9800XT 256Mb Video card
    Maxtor 2x80GB HDD
    TDK 16X DL DVD burner
    TDK 48X CDRW
    Creative Audigy II
    Intel Network card
    Leadtek WinFast TV 2000XP Deluxe (TV Card)
    N-Tec 480Watt Power Supply
    6 cooling fans within casing
    Aero AE 2.1 Speaker
    Sharp 17" LCD
    Logitech MX Duo Mireless keyboard/mouse
    Everglide Mouse pad

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    Flinchy, the background wall of large brick-like pattern reminds me of a cell or prison. it was a spontaneous reminder.

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    Haha which prison got such good computer facilities? I also want to go in!

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    In a nutshell

    P4 2.4Ghz
    768mb DDR RAM
    GeForce 4 MX 440
    160GB + 120GB HDD

    Fast enough for Doom3? Barely...

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    Default Stone Age

    My Gateway system has been running since I acquired it new in Nov 1999. Yes Gateway's vanished from this region now. Thankfully system is still running great, save for a few changes:

    PIII 500mHz
    stock 256 mb RAM (upgrd to max 384mb)
    Win 98 (upgrd to XP Pro when 98 crashed)
    20.4 gb HDD
    TDK Cyclone CD writer
    3dfx 16mb graphics card (yup 3dfx bought over by someone else now; card busted and was replaced under warranty in early 2000 I think)
    19-inch Gateway CRT
    Altec Lansing satellite/subwoofer combo (upgrd from Boston Acoustics which died)

    How's that for old?

    I do the usual housekeeping to keep it running as best as I know how.

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    AMD 2500+
    Maxtor 120GB HDD
    DDR 333 512MB
    MSI Motherboard
    Geforce 5900
    Ricoh 16X CD Writer
    17" Datamini CRT Monitor
    SB Live!
    Netgear wireless g+ router
    JBL Invader 4.1
    Logitech Webcam
    HP Deskjet 810C

    Only hope to get a good LCD now...current CRT not very sharp...

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    Main System
    P4 530J (3Gig)
    512 Meg Ram
    120 sata HD
    Samsung 795MB CRT

    2nd System
    512 Meg Ram
    80Gig/40 Gig HDs
    Share monitor with above System

    3rd System
    384 Meg Ram
    Fedora Core 3
    20 Gig Hd
    HP 15in M500 CRT
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    This is mine.

    main setup
    Pentium 4 2.4C@3Ghz
    2 x 512MB Corsair DDR400
    Abit IS7-E motherboard
    3DClub Geforce FX 5800@Ultra speed(500/1000)
    Compaq 3200 Smart Array SCSI Raid controller
    36GB IBM Ultrastar 10k rpm u320
    2 x 80GB Hitachi SATA
    TDK 440N (4x dvd writer)
    TDK 52x48x52x CDRW
    Topower 520W PSU with Raid868 casing
    17.4" Planar Digital LCD monitor

    Hehe. Peace!!

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    Average setup for me:

    MSI 865PE motherboard
    2 * 512MB PC400 DDR-DRAM

    1 * 74GB Western D. Raptor HDD (10K RPM, SATA)
    1 * 18GB Seagate Cheetah 18XL HDD (10K RPM, SCSI)
    1 * 36GB Quantum Atlas V HDD (10K RPM, SCSI)

    1 * TDK Cyclone 48x CD-RW drive
    1 * Teac 24x CD-RW drive

    1 * Floppy Disk Drive (Am of the few people who actually have one in their computer and use it)

    Adaptec 29160, U160 SCSI adaptor card
    Gainward Ultra/ 750XP Golden Sample card (Geforce 4 Ti4600 w/ VIVO + dual-DVI)

    Generic USB 2.0 + IEEE-1394 combo card
    SnaZio TVPVR TV tuner cum capture card

    Eizo L350 15" LCD panel
    CoolerMaster RealPower 450W PSU
    Antec Super LanBoy casing

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    My rig:

    P4 3.2GHZ 875 mobo (Giga)
    1x Gigabyte CPU cooler (fan based)
    1GB DDR memory
    1x 36GB 10K rpm Western Digital SATA HDD (boot drive)
    3x 200GB 7.5k rpm Western Digital SATA HDD (data drives)
    2x 40GB 7.5k rpm Maxtor PATA HDD (data drives)
    1x Mitsumi combo FDD/memory card reader
    1x MSI Combo Drive
    1x Plextor 716A DVD/RW DL
    1x Creative Audigy 2 Platinum
    1x Altec Lansing THX 2.1 system (forget model right now)
    1x LG 19 inch LCD screen (DVI and analog connectors)
    1x MSI 6600GT video card (Nvidia agp)
    1x Canon i905D
    1x Canoscan LIDE 20
    1x Logitech 4000 webcam
    1x Logitech keyboard & wireless optical mouse
    1x Razer gaming mousepad
    1x Linksys wireless 802.11g PCI card
    1x Lian Li PC-60USB aluminum mid tower ATX casing
    1x Lian Li 3.5" lcd temperature gauge
    Windows XP Professional
    Nikon Capture

    Nikon D70
    kit lens
    70-210mm zoom
    50mm f1.8
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