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    Default Hi from Rainwalker

    Hello All,

    This is your RainWalker, Walked all the way from Hyderabad, India
    I came to Singapore on last month and started loving it.

    My first and formost reason--Singapre is Independent.
    Mahatma Gandhi, Father of our nation, had once remarked that a country would become truly independent in every sense only when a woman could walk the streets alone at any time of the night, without as much as a speck of fear in her mind.
    Unfortunately even today most parts of the world are not truely independent, but Singapore is.I can see many girls walk at night from, movies,parties, mrt's, mcdonald's and its just fine.

    It all starts with experiencing one of the best flight services in the world. Does not matter if one travels business class or coach, staff courtesy and helpfulness is unmatched.passing through the ultra-efficient immigration, picking up your luggage in mere minutes after your plane arrives,Add that together with the range of shops and services to be found, the absence of machine gun toting security guards. and getting a taxi after waiting in a queue for less than five minutes.I am just through the airport in less than 20 minutes.

    The yummy food Not only is there a variety of restaurants, but Singapore restaurants remain similar to the taste of India, to be specific South India. tasted the best of Chinese, Malaysian, Japaneese, Mexican, and Italian dishes.

    Trust worthy and friedly taxi drivers,who will take you where you want for an officially metered fare.
    But I find it almost unnecessary to take a taxi anymore. The buses and trains go almost anywhere. And the whole system is cheap, cheap . Also I wont be afraid to close my eyes and cross the road while the lights are green (hear the beeps counting).. what a privilege

    so many places to shop. one can buy almost anything in Singapore, from designer clothes to fake rolexes.

    I love the discipline of the people.
    If the only effective way to really stamp it out is to impose sentences that are disproportionate then, well, I'm all for it. Nobody is going to risk a $500 fine for leaving a boiled sweet-wrapper on a park bench.

    And most importantly, the people. Be they government officers or colleagues or waiters or taxi drivers or concierges or just bystanders, they are always nice, polite and very helpful.

    And finally about me,I am a software developer, got this new job to work for an investement bank in Singapore. As said by some one, "Owning a Nikon doesnt make you a photographer, but a owner", and this exactly fits for me. I've been just a owner of my D60 with 18-55, taking occasional shots which are just better(some times worst) than that of the other compact camera. Due to lack of time and more importantly lack of company.

    I feel glad to see how active the photography community here is and now like to persue my passion in photography here, want make my self a photographer atleast to an extent that my parents and brother could look at my photos and say wow!. I want to send them the best of Singapore and make them believe that I am having good time here.

    I request your help in turning myself from owner to a photographer. Please advise about the best places to shoot in Singapore, and seek comments on the photos which I'll be sending.

    IS D60 good enough to start with?

    Thanks for reading all this,

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    Default Re: Hi from Rainwalker

    We welcome you to Singapore & also to our humble CS
    I suggest that you do some reading up on the areas of photography that you are interested in. Also read the sticky @ the top of the newbie page. Browse thru the different sections of this forum, you will find many interesting articles & nice photos taken by the members of CS. You may post your questions & photos at the different sections too.
    Yes, the D60 is a good camera & with the 18-55mm lens is fine to start with.
    Enjoy your stay & enjoy your photography
    Take the shot!

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    Default Re: Hi from Rainwalker

    Welcome RainWalker to our fair shores.

    Hope to see you in some outings. Thank you for your splended write up on your experience here so far, and hope it will remain positive always.

    Whatever gear/equipment you have now, is more than sufficient. If you should get the BBB (Buy, Buy, Buy) Virus, feel free to ask around for the other members' opinion, and I'm sure the more experienced ones will share with you theirs.

    Also, join in outings organised by fellow members, so you can get to learn and meet up with new like-minded friends too!

    A picture a day keeps the blues away!

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    Smile Re: Hi from Rainwalker

    welcome to the club!

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    Default Re: Hi from Rainwalker

    Welcome to CS

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    Default Re: Hi from Rainwalker

    Welcome to CS
    I turned PRO in diaper chg!
    My Flickr|My Son

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    Default Re: Hi from Rainwalker

    Warm welcome !

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    Default Re: Hi from Rainwalker

    Minolta. Konica Minolta. Sony

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    Default Re: Hi from Rainwalker


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    Default Re: Hi from Rainwalker

    Hello and welcome

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    Default Re: Hi from Rainwalker

    first reaction. WTF. wad a long post o.o

    welcome to singapore (: u will find tat we do have quite a good security. though u will hear occasional whines on the government not doing enuff etc etc. while ur initial impressions maybe as such, perhaps after a stay in singapore u will realise things are quite different:P as the garmen always say. we welcome u with open arms for u are contributing to our economy.

    still, you may wanna check out a few outings we have here organised, from the tangshooters to the west shooters. pop by to the kopitiam sub forum (literally coffeshop) and chat with us. software edvelopement is not an easy job as i have dabbled with programming a few years back. not the pleasant experience (:

    lastly, welcome back (:

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    Default Re: Hi from Rainwalker

    Welcome to CS

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    Default Re: Hi from Rainwalker

    Welcome to CS...

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    Default Re: Hi from Rainwalker

    Hi Rainwalker.
    Welcome to clubsnap and to Singapore!

    Clubsnap forums is a great source of info. Spend some of your free time browsing through the forum, and most of your initial questions can be answered.

    1) The 'Singapore' threads within the land/city-scapes subforum should give you an idea of where to go to shoot.
    2) The Nikon subforum should be where you can find some specific information related to your D60.
    3) The outings subforum will be where you can organize or join an outing to meet new friends.

    good luck!
    Exploring! :)

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    Smile Re: Hi from Rainwalker

    Hyderabadi.. Welcome to CS..
    Its a awesome site to hangout with cameras, outings, events, newbies and seniors..
    Can learn a lot abt Photography here..

    Wish to meet you in a PS..


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