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Thread: Chasing Light Landscape Photography Workshop

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    The most awaited and anticipated Landscape Workshop comes to Singapore

    For reservations, enquiry and registrations contact
    Lorenz Apostol @ +65 8228 0555

    for more up to date posts please visit our FACEBOOK on the link below

    Course outline:

    1. Core concepts in landscape photography
    2. Visual design and composition
    3. Long exposure method with filters
    4. Effective post processing and digital darkroom techniques
    5. Hands on instruction during one outdoor photography session

    A whole day frame workshop for 25 participants and Late afternoon landscape shoot on one of the ffg place (chasing light will decide once they reached singapore the day before)

    1) punggol end beach

    2) labrador park beach - check this one, i'm not sure if it's still open

    3) lower peirce reservoir

    4) changi boardwalk

    5) changi beach (this one, exact location, i forgot, but you can ask kuantoh/emlee/lkkang)

    6) changi beach (near changi v hawker centre)

    All linked photos by night86mare and taken by night86mare and not taken by chasing light team. These linked photos are only representation of the possible shooting locations in Singapore. We will only pick one spot subject to approval the day before by chasing light team.

    Special thanks and credit to night86mare. You are indeed a true landscape master and also one of my favorite photographers in CS.

    For registration please PM the ffg details:

    Complete Name:
    Nick Name:
    Date of Workshop:
    Primary Email:
    Primary Contact:
    Tee Shirt Size:
    Food Preference: (halal - non halal)

    Any question do not hesitate to PM me or Call - SMS +65 8228 0555

    Thank you and hope to see you all soon!


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    Registered Participants

    May 08 Saturday
    Fayezha Dans
    Ian Escudero
    Elmer Baguioro
    Daniel Chee

    May 09 Sunday

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    please refer to sticky:

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