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Thread: Sending chinese sms from Nokia to Samsung?

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    Default Sending chinese sms from Nokia to Samsung?

    Anyone noes if there's any issues with this? English text is ok, but what abt chinese characters? Sorry if this sounds dumb... i tried sending those text based pictures from Nokia to Samsung and the alignments all out... dun wanna pai seh send more garbage over.. hehe


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    samsung dont have chinese supported for most models. so if you use nokia send a chinese sms to samsung phone you will only see alot of boxes so far i know.. u can change the firmware of the phone that support chinese but dunno sms can send chinese anot. but there is a model right now that support and can send chinese sms is samsung p400. and for the aligments.. nokia send to samsung i dont think there is a problem. but samsung send to nokia the msg aligments will be wrong coz of the different size of screens. this is juz wad i guess lah coz i only a v200 user
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