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  • Skills, Creative, Know-how, etc.

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  • Equipments, Gears, etc.

    27 40.91%
  • A&P, Marketing, Branding, etc.

    31 46.97%
  • People Skill (EQ)

    38 57.58%
  • Business sense, Pricing, Positioning, etc.

    34 51.52%
  • Network, Contacts, Know-who, etc.

    35 53.03%
  • Book keeping, budgeting, etc

    15 22.73%
  • Luck

    26 39.39%
  • Others, pls elaborate

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Thread: Must have or nice to have?

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    In all honesty, in Singapore, it is a lot easier to crack into the market as compared to overseas such as Australia, UK, US and etc...

    My observation and experiences tell me that the concept of professional photography has yet being accepted widely nor practice enough here because, there isn't enough many of professional that is willing to spend time "educating" their client...

    $$$ get you started, yes, it is darn right but you really don't need a lot of it to begin with. If I could quantify my initial outlay when I first started my business in Singapore were merely $10k. Of course, it will be more or less depending on what you want to do and what market you are targeting.

    Once you make money, you simply need to reinvest those money in business essential.

    But it still takes a lot of good business management and cash flow management to ensure the success of a business. But of all that, you must have a product that sells.

    Unfortunately, the images created is merely a product in photography business. If you market your product at the right price (right price doesn't have to be "give-away" price) to the right people, you are in for a long run.

    The crucial thing is knowing where and when to pull the plug on many business decision.

    Gear upgrade should be last in your list. Knowledge and business upgrade should be priority... both artistically and of course the business knowledge.

    I hope I make some sense... late night, lack of sleep...


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    Sebastian Tan of the Shooting Gallery once lament to those ads agency in one of the PPAS legal right seminar....Pls pay us more promptly so that we could serve you better.

    The above quote is not a make up, heard it with my pair of ears, coz he was speaking on stage with a mike.

    Do not get me wrong, I'm all for those who wanted to start it off...especially as a career.
    My advice is...the earlier the better. Ideally, if one can start his /her own photo biz at the age of 16 will definitely have an age comparing to one who start at 35. Given both 20 years
    in the trade, one will be 36 while the other is 55.

    So to those who want to start off...beg /persuade /convince your parent to fish out their CPF and invest in you...coz you have a brighter future .
    Surely they can trust their own children and help them to build their career.
    Every venture consists certain amount of risk, but entrepreneur never look back.

    BTW, 3 roomer HDB cost...$ 6,400 only, 99 years lease. Queenstown location. Cheaper than $ 10k.

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    Another item which I consider a photographer must a Driving license.

    And obtaining a driving license now will be something in the range of $1,200 ~ $2,000 with a time span of about a year, depending whether it is one time successful attempt or several try.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ian View Post
    I suspect it's because those in the industry know that without the perquisite skills and gear your lifespan is likely to be measured in months rather than years. Though with this said there are some top wedding photographers I know who use minimal gear, but do they ever know how to extract the most out of what they have. That's one of the great "tricks" of being a pro, to make the most of what you have.

    Every photographer alive (or dead, except for the original half dozen photographers) have had Masters as it were and have copied them to some degree. Life's like that in the arts!

    With that said it's very difficult to be really innovative these days in many areas of photography without technology based breakthroughs allowing new ways of capturing an image. When such technology is released or developed it's not usually long until the techniques percolate down the ladder to the lower rungs of the photographic community and thus any innovative advantage is rapidly lost.
    I hoped that this poll had served it's purpose and can be closed.
    Mod, how do I close the poll and keep the thread open?

    From the results, there are some differences between the Wannabes and the Pros.

    1) I "think" I'm creative and have a good set of gear, hey! I can make a living out of my hobby.
    2) Do I need to know and to do so much more than just shoot nice pictures?

    1) Pros did not rate skills and gears as "must have" because it's a prerequisite and they already have them. It's definitely a must have to start with.
    2) Struggling with sales and marketing
    3) Struggling with book-keeping and minimising taxes

    I'll start another poll with less measurable and intangibles, just for the fun of it.
    just1book, no kidding!

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