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Thread: Photography Workshops For Schools

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    Default Photography Workshops For Schools

    Hi, I am looking for beginners photography workshops that can be offered to my school.
    Could someone please advice me who or which company offers the service?
    Much thanks for the help!

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    Default Re: Photography Workshops For Schools

    Workshops, tutorials, classes.
    So difficult to find?

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    Default Re: Photography Workshops For Schools

    Thank you, but its kinda limited there, are there more choices?

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    Default Re: Photography Workshops For Schools

    Geeezzzz I hope you're not a teacher.... use your initiative and do some homework please..... check out Page2 Page3 Page4 etc etc etc of that section.....AND they are usually versatile enough to conduct courses in basic photography too ...... just that there is alot of demand for other genres of photography thats why most of the threads are about studio, landscape, portraiture etc etc etc

    start a thread in Services Wanted section asking for someone to put together a lecture or a series?

    or approach a photo society/club like Objectifs, PSS or SAFRA Photo CLub for advise and referrals ?

    Another suggestion is to check out the beginner workshops that most camera brands have for people who buy their cameras and find out who the workshop instructor is (they are almost ALWAYS outside contracted ) ...... and discuss/negotiate with these instructor directly (they usually also have notes, slides and powerpoint presentations all ready too)

    OR even talk to one of the camera companys...... ask them to do it for your school if the numbers are healthy enough..... God knows they'll love capturing brand loyalty among young minds

    good luck
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