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Thread: Eyes On Asia & Asian Geographic Getaway Maldives 11th-18th September

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    Default Eyes On Asia & Asian Geographic Getaway Maldives 11th-18th September

    Welcome to our Getaways!

    All Getaways follow the same philosophy: Enjoy a destination with likeminded individuals while you improve on your photography.

    Its important to us that you come home with a sense of achievement, as much as the feel that you really had a great time out and about.

    We shoot during early morning and evening sessions on each Getaway to take advantage of the best light. After the morning session we have time for image critique and tips and tricks by two award winning photographers.

    You have a chance to win a Canon G11 camera and your images will published in our own Getaway book. The best images will be published in the "Travel Magazine of Year (MPAS magazine awards)": Asian Geographic Passport.

    Our trips are handpicked and not to be found in any travel agencies office.

    We tailored them for you, based on our past trips to the region on various assignments.

    Each trip is guided by the Eyes On Asia Team: Felix Hug (Winner at the the Travel Photographer of the Year Awards in London,UK) and Jamie Boyd (Director and Producer Eyes On Asia). Every trip we add another professional photographer, most of times from the region itself.
    If you are interested in testimonials, like to sign up or look for more info?

    Contact Jamie under:

    Some testimonials from our GETAWAY and Workshop participants:

    Thank you so much for the wonderful time in Chiang Mai! Traveling with different people sharing a common passion was just a great experience for me. I'm looking forward to more trips like this one It's been wonderful meeting each one of you who made my trip unforgettable in different ways.
    It has been a truly exciting trip for both myself and my wife.
    We all come from different parts of the world and different walks of life. But to be able to shoot together and share – it’s priceless.
    Thanks to Felix, James, Jamie for a trip very well organized.
    And to everyone, it has been a meaningful experience for us.

    Lee Turner, Finalist UNICEF Awards 2008
    "Within Felix's workshops, the world of travel becomes more than the sum of its many elements, and its unique power to inspire, they shed light on the many disciplines required to evolve one's passionate inspiration to professional aspiration. I left his workshop mindful of industry realities while motivated by Felix's insights which are uniquely tailored to each participant; they are designed to invite one to elevate their respective craft to go beyond mere snapshots and make their images truly sing."

    Jean, Photojournalist & Mosaic Runner UP 2008
    "I took his Intermediate travel photography class and wished that it wasn't over so soon! Appreciate that he has zero airs.. no arrogance despite his achievements, especially when he's achieved so much! As a young freelance photojournalist, I treasure moments like this where I get to meet the man behind the pictures, listen to him speak, question, discuss and learn. Thanks for a wonderful workshop and I hope that there'll be much more!! "

    Muha, Winner of the Maldivien Tourism Board Photography Competition 2007
    "To describe with few word, Felix Hug's Travel & Destination Photography is absolutely the best! Dazzling landscapes to lifestyle shots absolutely a treat see, chances are that you’ve come across some of his amazing photography. From the captivating ‘Yi Peng’ to the splendid ‘SilkAir’ series, Felix Hug hasn’t failed to amaze me .

    It was undoubtably one of the most valuable opportunities for me to have travelled & perhaps clicked a few shots with Felix during his visit to the Maldives. Apart from the valuable moments, it was great to hang around with someone with a cool attitude & sense of humor.
    Luckily when "Eyes on Asia" decided to start their own Travel Photography Workshops, it’s everyone's chance to learn some secrets to his world renowned photography.

    About Eyes On Asia & Felix

    "I believe that positive images can change the way we look at things. We launched the Getaway trips to bring together like minded individuals who enjoy travel & photography as a process and want to improve on their skills at the same time."
    Eyes On Asia was founded in 2006 by Felix Hug (Director & Photographer) and Jamie Boyd (Director Representation/Production).
    Unlike other photography teams, they make their living entirely within the world of travel imagery.

    Over the past 3 years they established a network in the region visiting many destinations on assignments.

    "I think the great thing about our Getaways is, that they are not out of the box. We have seen all the destinations ourselves and have handpicked the places we go. We established a network and connections over time allowing us to get more personal on our visits. As much as it's about photography, as much it is about the experience as a whole. People should come home with a full memory chip and a full heart. ;-)"
    Awards: Felix is "Image of The Year Winner" at the AMERICAN PHOTO competition (New York), The "New York Photography Awards Winner" for the "Best Editorial Image of the Year", as well as the Travel Photography of The Year Awards (TPOTY London).

    Felix has won first Prizes in big Photography Competitions in Europe, Asia, Australia and the USA.

    Clients: Lonely Planet Books & Library, Banyan Tree Resorts, Universal Resorts (Maldives), Silk Air (Singapore Airlines), Asian Geographic.

    Publications: Felix's images have been published in countless magazines around the globe including on the cover of National Geographic Traveler.

    Some other publications include: The GEO magazines (GEO, GEO Saison, GEO International), Cosmopolitan, Travel & Leisure, Conde Nast, Destin Asia, Outdoor Photography (UK & US), American Photo and many more. He writes a travel photography column for Asian Geographic Passport.

    Exhibitions: Amongst other things his images were exhibited in London, Sydney and in the National Museum in Singapore.

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    Default Re: Eyes On Asia & Asian Geographic Getaway Maldives 11th-18th September

    All Getaway-repeaters receive now a 150 SGD discount!!

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    Default Re: Eyes On Asia & Asian Geographic Getaway Maldives 11th-18th September

    "This Getaway visits one of my favorite two destinations in Asia, the other would be Myanmar. This trip is only made possible, because of our several years ongoing connections to the islands and some of the local photographers and resort owners. A mixture of simplicity and leisure, you will come home with a unique insight only a few tourists are able to take home. We visit places rarely seen by visitors and stay the last few days in the newly refurbished Kuramathi Island Resort as a pleasant contrast. Kuramathi has an incredible history of repeating visitors. Some of the guests we met the last time have been coming since 18 years (!). Understandably, as the islands has everything you could wish for: Great snorkeling and diving (including a Bio-station), an almost endless sandbank and a relaxed, almost family like feel to everything. You will see both on this trip, the holiday destination Maldives and the vanishing paradise.

    This trip is a week long and a bit pricier then usual, but don’t forget that we stay full-board and all main meals are included. Its most likely still the best deal you could get, doing anything remotely similar to this trip in the Maldives."

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    Default Re: Eyes On Asia & Asian Geographic Getaway Maldives 11th-18th September

    The first few days we will spend at the Northern End of the Maldives: Local B&B and local food. You will get a fascinating insight into the daily, traditional island life.

    Away from the resorts you will have to chance to witness a region that is quickly transforming. This is the Maldives as it was before the resorts open their doors.

    Local award winning photographer Muha will take us where only few visitors have been: The Northern Tip.

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    Default Re: Eyes On Asia & Asian Geographic Getaway Maldives 11th-18th September

    Realized that the link does not work anymore:

    Here it is again:

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    Default Re: Eyes On Asia & Asian Geographic Getaway Maldives 11th-18th September

    For smaller screens:

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