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Thread: 7d user needs help :)

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    Default 7d user needs help :)

    Hi all, regarding the one touch raw button, it seems that when I'm shooting in jpeg, and I press the one touch raw button and shoot, when connected to the computer, there would be 2 file with the same picture which I suppose one should be raw and the other jpeg but apprently both are jpeg and both are of the same file size. Tried to prove my point in dpp ad true enough although there was raw/jpeg word in dpp, raw edit function was not open to me! Is this a setting problem?

    Thks alot

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    Err...Nikon user here, can't help...

    Think u will get more answers if you move ur thread to Canon Equipment Discussions sub-forum.
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    Hi bro maybe I should .... Thanks for the advise


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